Lab Monitors Hours & Sign Up

Lab Hours

Mon, Sat 9 am - Noon

Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 9 am - 3:00 pm

Tips to using the Monitor Schedule:

A. Two monitors may sign up to monitor any lab session. A memberís name highlighted in blue indicates the member has signed up to monitor for that session the same day every month. (Example:   The 1st Wednesday or the 2nd Saturday of every month.)  Memberís names highlighted in yellow have signed up for that particular date only.

B. To make it easy for you to find open slots to volunteer to monitor simply look for the time slots highlighted in green and the text 'Opení.

Sign-up Procedure:

To sign up for one of the monitor slots send an e-mail to: .

Please try to pick an empty day if you can. It is nice to have two monitors but necessary to have at least one. Don't hesitate in signing up for a date where there is already a monitor scheduled. Everyone needs help.

Monitors can also stop by the CyberCenter and sign up using one of the lab computers. If you sign up at the lab, please include your name and include monitor in the subject line.

For detailed information about the lab click on the navigation item in the left panel entitled "Lab Information".

To view the monitor calendar click on the navigation item in the left panel entitled "Monitor Calendar". The Monitor Calendar is available to members only. You must log in to view it.