Club Policies

The Purpose of Policies

Having policies helps to clarify:

  • The guiding principles for the way the Club works, and who and what it values
  • What members can and cannot do to ensure their inclusion, satisfaction, comfort and enjoyment (and, in turn, what the Club will do)
  • How everyone will be treated – fairly, equally and respectfully

While developing policies can seem like a daunting task, they save enormous time and energy in the long run and help keep everyone in the Club involved and included.

Providing a fair, professional and organized environment helps the members feel that the Club knows what it is doing and respects and appreciates its members.

A Listing of Computer Club Policies

Policy # Policy Title
2016-000 General Statement of Policy
2016-001Code of Conduct
2016-002 Records Retention
2016-003 Club Communications
2022-004 Club Access to CA Staff
2016-006 Acceptable Topics for Club Presentations
2016-007 Promotion of Businesses or Products
2016-008 Reimbursements for Speakers and Instructors
2022-009 Use of Computer Club Facilities
2016-013 Reimbursement for Expenses
2020-015Help Center 
2020-019Recognition Programs


Policy numbers not listed have been rescinded or have been combined into other policies.

Updated December 2022