The Sun City Texas Computer Club is run by volunteers.  We are ALWAYS looking for assistance from members who have special skills, love to teach, or just want to contribute more to our Club.

 If you are interested in any of these positions, send an email to [email protected]

Here are just some of the positions where extra help would be welcomed:


Event Planner - plans and manages events that cater to the needs and interests of the club's members. Works closely with the club's leadership team to develop event concepts and schedules, coordinate with vendors and suppliers, and manage logistics to ensure successful events. The Event Planner must have strong communication and organizational skills, as well as a passion for technology.


Instructors - If you have experience using any software program, operating system, smart phone, electronic device, website builder, etc. and want to impart your knowledge, we can set up a class so you can share your insights!  Click here to see what types of classes have been taught in the past.


Assistant Instructor - A class assistant or assistant instructor distributes class collateral, sits in the back, watches the screens, and helps students to keep up and assist when they get lost.  The assistant instructor may also be shadowing the main instructor and position him- or herself to teach that same class later.  If the instructor would like to get an evaluation from the participants, the assistant may help with distributing and collecting the evaluation sheets.  Time commitment: a couple of hours for each class.


Special Interest Group (SIG) - If you want to get together with other like-minded people to share knowledge about a particular subject (e.g., business software, photo editing, operating systems, etc.) on a routine basis, we need SIG leaders/assistant leaders.  Click here to see our existing SIGs.


Help Center - If you are adept at repairing malfunctioning computers and printers, hunting down and removing viruses, solving email issues, or upgrading operating systems, the Help Center would love to have you join our group of collegial technicians.  Click here for more info about our Help Center.


Monitors - The Computer Club Lab can always use additional Lab Monitors. The Lab cannot be open without a Monitor present.  No computer knowledge is required, you just need a friendly attitude and a willingness to help people find what they need in the Lab.  Click here for more info about Computer Club Lab monitors.


Board/Director "Shadow" - If you are interested in a future Computer Club Board or Director position, all positions are accepting "shadow" assistants to learn the ropes before running for election.  Click here to see the positions available.


Program/Speaker Coordinator - We are looking for people to coordinate presentations of general interest to the Computer Club membership.  This includes new technologies, network security, virus prevention, etc.


Social Activities - We always need volunteers to help with event decorations, entertainment assistance, refreshments, and check-in.


Facebook Administrator - A Facebook administrator checks the Computer Club FB page several times per week.  They validate the admission of new members and possibly pass on questions to Board members.  The Admin also looks for content that will attract visitors.  At the end of the month the Facebook Admin collects statistics, using Facebook tools (e.g., Engagement Insights).  Time commitment: probably a couple of hours per week spread over multiple days. 


Webmaster Assistant - This role works with the Web team to keep the Computer Club website up to date. In addition, this person will learn about the Computer Club email forwarding system, as a backup to others on the Webmaster team. Experience with the CA system MembersFirst is preferred but not required. Time commitment: Approximately three hours per week.


If you are interested in any of these positions, send an email to [email protected]


Updated July 14 2023