Computer Club

Member Facilities
Internet Cafe is OPEN!

The Internet Cafe is OPEN!  Check out photos from the initial construction to the final ribbon cutting ceremony!

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The Computer Club is the largest chartered club in Sun City, Texas. Club membership provides access to a variety of computer related programs (e.g. help center, computer lab [Mac and Win], Special Interest Groups, media conversion, free Wi-Fi, presentations, socials, etc.).

Membership in the Computer Club is available to all Sun City residents.  Dues are $10.00 per person and can be paid via the Sun City Community Association ticketing system.

Computer Club Resources

We provide the following resources for our members:
• Computer Lab (Win and Mac)
• Free Computer Help Center
• Free Wi-Fi
• Training courses (Win, Mac and beyond)
• Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
• Media conversion instruction
• New member orientation
• Fax transmissions

Computer Club Lab

Phone: 512-868-9780
Lab Hours:  Monday through Friday ~ 9 am to noon

Thru 10/31:  Monday through Friday ~ 9 am to 3 pm

Help Center

Phone: 512-948-7675
By Appointment Only:
Tuesday - 12pm and Friday - 9am