Computer Club Help Center

The Computer Club Help Center (HC) was established to provide courteous, professional, free computer repair service to Club members. Club members must sign up for a repair appointment and then come to the Help Center and register for any repair service.

Members Only - Click on Help Center Sign Up below the Help Center main heading in the left navigation panel to sign up for repair service (Note:  If using a mobile device, the left navigation panel can be found under Member Facilities).

Members can then bring Microsoft desktop computers (power cord, keyboard and mouse are NOT required) or laptop computers with power cord, to the Help Center for repair. We also have Android device technicians in the HC that can help with a variety of issues.

Please bring power cords for Apple devices, and keyboard and mouse for Apple desktop devices.

If a club member cannot physically bring their computer equipment to the HC (e.g., device too heavy, modem, or printer issues), they must still use our Signup Genius software to make an appointment for help, and then come to the HC to register and schedule a home repair visit. 

If you are physically unable to come to the HC, please call the Computer Club Lab during regular HC hours (512-868-9780) and ask to speak to the HC Director or technician to make a request for a home visit. Please be ready to provide your CA number, name, telephone number to expedite the process.

If you are knowledgeable, we recommend that you back up your computer files to an external hard drive or USB prior to coming in for repair service. This will protect you from data loss and reduce repair time, especially if you want to upgrade your device from one Windows operating system to another.  

The HC is located in the Computer Club Annex in the Activities Center at 1 Texas Drive.
 Help Center appointments are Tuesdays 12 - 3pm and Fridays 9 - 12 pm. and will be closed for designated holidaysAll appointments are scheduled at the beginning of each session, using Sign Up Genius, to ensure we have enough time to work all of your issues.

Updated  February 8 2024