Have a question about classes offered through the Sun City Computer Club?  Check the boards below to see if your question can be answered.  If not, help us out by sending an email to the Education Director and ask a question.  You're probably not the only one with the question.

Class Attendance: Your Sun City event "print at home" ticket is required for class attendance. Please bring it to class.

Please click ONLINE REGISTRATION CALENDAR (left side menu, under TRAINING):

  • to register for a class
  • to find exact dates when a class will be offered
  • to check if class seats are available

Due to the holidays, last day to register for the week of Nov. 26 classes will be the 19th.

Classes Available in November:

  • Excel Intro
  • iPhone Basics 
  • Mac: Email Basics
  • Mac:Files & Folders
  • Mac: iCloud
  • Mac: Keynote
  • Mobile Photography
  • Photoshop Elements 1

Classes Available in December:

  • iPhone Texting
  • Mac:Calendar
  • Mac: Maintenance
  • Mac: TextEdit
  • Windows 10

Classes Available in January:

  • iPhone: Basics
  • iPhone: Intermediate
  • Mac: Intro
  • Mac: Pages
  • Mac: Photos
  • Mac:Review of Methods
  • Microsoft Word: Introduction
  • Microsoft Word: Intermediate
  • Photoshop 1
  • Photoshop 2
  • Windows: Basic Skills
  • Windows 10

What classes are available for me to take?

We offer a wide variety of classes.  Click on "Class Descriptions" in the navigation menu to the left to see a list of those classes.

In what order should I take classes?

For classes you might be interested in, read the course description (under Class Descriptions) to see if the class you want carries a pre-requisite.  If it doesn't, sign up for the class you want.  If it does, sign up for the pre-requisite and then you'll be ready for the class you want.

What classes are offered right now?

Be sure to log in and then check the Online Registration Calendar for all classes being offered in a particular month.  Classes are usually scheduled 6 weeks in advance.

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