Lab Information

Volunteer Lab Monitors are on duty at all times that the lab is open. Monitors are club members that have completed the monitor training session. 

To sign up for lab monitor slots follow the instructions on the Lab Monitor Calendars available via the navigation item entitled "MONITOR CALENDAR" in the left navigation panel.  Click on the month of interest at the top of the Monitor Calendar tab when it is displayed.  If you have not yet been trained as a monitor, and would like to be, send an e-mail to to arrange a training session. 

Monitors are not expected to be experts on the operation of lab equipment. 

CyberCenter Lab Information


The Computer Lab is located in the CyberCenter at the Activities Center, 1 Texas Drive, across Texas Drive from the Social Center.


18 Windows PCs and 3 Macs; printers, and scanners.

Lab Usage:

Club members may use the laboratory equipment during Lab Hours.  Popular software is loaded on the lab machines for your use.  If you need to use a particular software package that you do not have on your home PC, check the lab;  it is probably there.  Internet and e-mail access via a broadband connection is available from all computer terminals.

Computer Lab General Rules

  • Open lab hours: 9 AM - 12 Noon on Monday and Saturday; 9 AM - 3 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • A qualified monitor/instructor must be present for use of lab equipment.
  • Residents will be allowed to visit the open Computer Lab a total of 3 times to evaluate the facilities before being required to join the Computer Club. 
  • Residents are defined as: Members in good standing of the Sun City Texas Community Association; have been issued a CA Member Card; and have not yet joined the Sun City Texas Computer Club.
  • Petitions for exceptions to the above procedures will be considered by the Executive Board.

Printer Use and Suggested Cost Recovery Contributions

The Computer Lab has 2 printers. Care must be taken in choosing which printer you use and whether you want your printout in Black and White or in Color. When in doubt see the Monitor on duty for assistance.

Black and White printing is fastest and best quality on our HP LaserJet 6 printer that only prints using a black toner cartridge. Good quality Black and White printing can also be done on the other inkjet printer. The cost recovery contribution for a Black and White print job is 5 cents per page including paper on any of the three printers.

Color printing can be done on the InkJet printer at a cost recovery contribution of 10 cents per page including paper. The quality of these outputs is quite satisfactory for all ordinary work and for greeting cards.

Color Photo printing, done on the InkJet printer, is high resolution color printing suitable for printing on photo quality paper provided by the member. This printing mode uses color ink at a high rate.

Greeting Cards. See the Monitor on duty for assistance. The Greeting Card, including the special paper that the Monitor will provide, has a suggested cost recovery contribution of 50 cents per card. The color InkJet printer is appropriate.

Suggested printing cost recovery contributions are posted on the cabinet near the printers. Summarizing, these contributions are:

Black and White - 5 cents per page, paper included.

Color - 10 cents per page, paper included.

Greeting Cards (color) - 50 cents per page, special paper included.

Color, Photos - $1.00 each, photo paper supplied by member.

Lab Software Disks

CD's, Floppy Discs and Attachments Stored in Cabinets

CD's, Floppy Discs and Special Attachments are stored in the Cabinets above the counter to support special applications such as Beginners, Genealogy, Greeting Card, Investment, Video Professor, and digital photos. These items are marked Do not take this item from the computer lab . Please honor this request, as the items are used during open lab as well as during the afternoons and evenings for special classes.