CCB101-Navigating Our Websites


Navigating Our Websites

 One 2-hr Session

Prerequisite:  Be a Computer Club member and have a Sun City website login.


If you're new to the Computer Club, we'll help you drink from this firehose. Members who want to refresh or deepen their knowledge of how to navigate the Computer Club and Sun City websites are also welcome. Get an overview of the Club’s services, building to the main focus of navigating our websites. Even though the class is free, registration is necessary. You’ll get a tour of the Club’s facilities (for our new members) and be more confident in no time!


By the end of this course, you will bable to navigate the Sun City and Computer Club websites, including the most important elements:

  • Understand Computer Club services
  • Know how to register and pay for a class
  • Use the Club Members Directory
  • Find the Club and Education calendars
  • Join a Special Interest Group

Capacity: 24