CA Governance and Committees

Property owners are members of the Sun City Texas Community Association, which is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of three members designated by the Developer (one vote each) and four resident members (1/2 vote each) elected by residents of the community. The Board’s responsibilities include:

  • Oversee the operations, services, and finances of the Community Association
  • Set annual budgets and homeowners’ dues
  • Ensure that the rules and regulations of the community are up-to-date and properly enforced
  • May appoint ad hoc subcommittees and task forces to deal with specific issues

The Community Association Board of Directors has formed 11 Committees to assist and advise in the governance of Sun City Texas. The purpose of Board-Chartered Committees is to share and distribute the Board’s workload to groups of those residents who apply and subsequently, are interviewed and recommended by the Nominating Committee. (The Nominating Committee applicants are interviewed by the Board.)

Community Association Staff implements policies set forth by the Board of Directors and manages day-to-day operations of the Community Association. Organized in nine departments are more than 200 full and part-time staff members, with about 50 percent of them being Sun City Texas residents, all focused on serving the needs of residents and the Board.

Life and property in the community are regulated by a set of Community Association Documents created and maintained by the Board of Directors. Current versions of these documents are maintained by the Community Association staff and are available for use and reference by residents on the Sun City Texas website and in the CA offices.