Landscape Maintained Homes

The Sun City Texas Community is made up of more than 60 neighborhoods. There are seven neighborhoods in Sun City that are part of a unique, all-inclusive landscaping program called the Landscape Maintained Homes. If you purchase a Garden Home in neighborhood 14A, 24A, 25, or 30, or any Cottage Home (neighborhoods 24B1, 24B2, and 33), your property will always be part of the Landscape Maintained Homes Program. Your annual fee for the program includes tree and plant replacement, maintenance of the sod, shrubs and all other landscape items installed by the developer, sprinkler system repair, mowing, aeration, soil enhancement, and fertilization. For more information about the Landscape Maintained Homes program please click the link below. For additional questions about the program please contact Kathy Brainerd at 512-948-7791.

More Information and LMH Documents

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*Residents, to visit the Landscape Maintained Homes Committee webpage please log in and in your left navigation click Community Association Info > Committees & Task Forces.