Golf Course Enhancements


In 2015, the Developer announced their decision not to add a fourth golf course. Instead, the Developer provided the CA with $1 million to renovate and enhance the existing courses. The total budget for this project was $1 million dollars provided by Pulte.  In 2017, the $1 million dollars was used to complete the renovation to the White Wing Golf Course.  Currently, we are in the process of completing the renovation to the Legacy Hills Golf Course.  We are funding the Legacy Hills renovation internally from budgeted contributions and surplus contributions to the Capital Asset Fund.  We have made great strides thus far and completed the bulk of the large scale work to most impacted holes.  As of April 2022, holes 6, 7, 12, 13, 15 & 16 remain to be completed.  Due to the minimal work on the remaining holes, we hope to begin the last phase of the Legacy Hills renovation in the Fall of 2022.  We hope you enjoy the changes made to the courses and look forward to the completion of a very large project. 

Additional Information and Resources

Golf Course Enhancement Town Hall, February 23, 2016:

Revised Schematics, March 30, 2016:

Updated Master Plans 2017: (Interactive maps may take a moment to load)*

Golf Course Enhancement Town Hall, March 1, 2017: