Sun City Texas Pro Golf Shops

Legacy Hills • 301 Del Webb Blvd • 512-948-7560
White Wing • 150 Dove Hollow • 512-948-7570
Cowan Creek • 1433 Cool Spring Way • 512-948-7580

The three Golf Shops at Sun City offer a variety of golf equipment, apparel and accessories.   Although Legacy Hills Golf Shop carries the largest inventory of these items, each shop offers a great selection to choose from.   White Wing features seasonal closeouts at fantastic discounts.  Each item has a built-in resident discount price on the sales tagYou will be pleasantly surprised! 

Special Orders can be place by contacting the Golf Shop Manager, Sheila Diller, at 512-948-7564 or email [email protected].    

It’s like having a gift shop right in your own backyard!