• Photographer of the Month

    March 2020 - Dee Sams

    Dee's photos, Submarine Rock, Peruvian Boy and His Lamb and Galapagos Giant Turtle are featured in the above banner.

    For more of Dee's Photography,  please click here for her Bio and Gallery

  • Solo Showcase

    March 2020 - Jim Copps

    Jim loves to share images with others who may enjoy the things that he is lucky enough to capture through his camera lens.

    Please take a look at some of his images by clicking HERE.

  • On-Site Exhibits

    On-Site Exhibits

    Photography Club Members - Activities Center, Cowan Creek and The Retreat

    Activities Center - Solo Exhibit for March 2020 - Jim Copps

    Activities Center - Competition SIG

    Cowan Creek - Photographer of the Month for March 2020 - Dee Sams

  • Club Membership in PSA

    Did you know the Photography Club is a "club" member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA)?  PSA has members in over 80 countries and offers a wide variety of services and activities to anyone with an interest in photography; casual shutterbugs, serious amateurs and professionals.  There are two options for PSA membership: Club Level and Member Level.   We have three SIGS participating in club competitions: Nature, Digital and Print. For more information contact the SIG Leaders Allen Utzig (Nature), Glenn Rudd and Cheryl Janssen (Prints) and Mitch Michielutti (Digital Images). For more information on YOUR benefits from our Club membership and individual PSA membership  click here   

    Photographic Society of America's website

  • Studio Availability

    Game Rooms 1 & 2 are available for Photography Club Use on the days and times specified:

    Mondays - Noon - 4  

    Wednesdays - 8 am - 12  

    Fridays - 9 am - 5 pm