• Exhibits

    On-Site Exhibits

    Cowan Creek, Activities Center and The Legacy Grill


    Photography Club Summer Exhibit

    This “Summer” themed exhibit is being held August 7th through September 22nd in the Atrium of the Activities Center. 


    Solo Exhibit in Activities Center   August 2017 - Martin Shelton


    Off-site Exhibits - for more information  

  • Field Trips

    Friday, August 18th - George HW Bush Library and Museum, College Station

    See all Upcoming Field Trips 

    And July 2017 Photo Opportunities

  • Workshops

    See Workshop Schedule for more information.

  • Club Membership in PSA

    DID YOU KNOW the Photography Club is a “club” member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA)?  We have two SIGS participating in digital and print club competitions. for more information, or call the SIG Leaders Glenn Rudd and Cheryl Janssen (prints) and Mitch Michielutti (digital images). For more information on awards and YOUR benefits from our Club membership – click here   

    2017 Winter Projector (quarterly newsletter)  

    This edition has schedules for 2016 - 2017 Inter Club Competitions


    Photographic Society of America

  • Members' Awards

    All Member awards will be included in the Newsletter.

    Please send your information and winning images attached to an email - to the Newsletter Editor - Patty Michielutti.