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The Home Ignition Zone Evaluation is an evaluation of possible exterior fire threats to the homeowner's property consisting of surrounding landscape, roofs, exterior walls and yard structures which comprise the home's exterior ignition zone.

The evaluation is initiated by a request from the homeowner. The process consists of an evaluation of the residence and it's immediate surroundings for potential places where a yard fire, or falling embers from a nearby building or wildfire, could cause fire damage to the home.

If you wish an evaluation of your property, please complete this form and submit. After your request has been processed, you will be contacted to schedule the evaluation. At anytime you may contact the Firewise Group for questions and/or advice concerning possible external fire threats to your home.

The evaluation is free, confidential and voluntary. We give recommendations, not requirements. Findings are shared only with the homeowner. They are not reported to Modifications, the CA or anyone else.

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