Firewise Volunteer Opportunities

Description of Firewise Volunteer Subcommittees:

Firewise Clearing Team is a volunteer group that participates in workdays to cut vines and cedars in the common areas and to perform other services to benefit the community.. Training will be conducted for new volunteers. This will be outside work. There will be limited activities in the summer.

Education Materials and Presentations Work Group prepares materials for distribution to homeowners and develops materials for use with neighborhoods, clubs, and other Sun City groups. It also prepares materials for training and other internal use.

Home Ignition Zone Program Work Group is a group of trained volunteers who conduct evaluations of the outside of homeowner's house and property to determine the condition of the landscaping and the house where embers from a wildfire could ignite a fire.Training is required.

Sun City Community Wildfire Protection & Re-certification Plan (CWPP) Work Group collects and maintains the Sun City Fiewise documents. It documents what has been done, what is being done, and plans for the future.This group collects the information and data required to apply for the annual Firewise Community re-certification

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