Softball Club

Community Association

If you are interested in joining the Sun City Softball Club, you will need to pay the membership dues.  There is an additional fee for each league or season, if you want to be eligible to play.

Please contact Frank Shuman, (509)939-2907, or [email protected], if you have any questions.

Another option to register for membership and league play is to use the CA Member Services office (aka ticket/badge office) for the required registration for the club. The CA will accept a credit card, a check, or cash.

Make It Out To The Ballpark

The Sun City Texas Softball Club was chartered in July 2007 for the purpose of promoting senior slow pitch softball in Sun City. The club consists of men and women ballplayers with various levels of talent, but who all share the interest of participation in softball competition.

All Sun City residents interested in participating in slo-pitch softball are invited to stop by the ballpark on any practice or game day to check out the action and good fellowship on the diamond.   All games and practice sessions are held at the Del Webb Field located on the north end of Sun City Blvd. immediately inside the exit at Texas Highway 195. The calendar on the club website shows dates and times of all activities.

If you have any questions you may contact any of the club's officers.

Organized Senior Softball Practices

Regular scheduled organized practice sessions are held, weather permitting, every Tuesday and Friday.

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