Pure Bocce

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4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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What do we have here? Another League?  No, it is a great way to have fun and meet people without pressure of competitive bocce'.  It allows all levels of skills to participate without being embarrassed.  It also allows more people to participate on a court at one time, four person teams and eight people on a court at a time.  Play as couples or as pair.  Each week play with a different pair against two other pars. 

How do we do that? When you register you will be assigned a number which represents a pair (2).  If you are not a couple, we will match you up with another single to create a pair.  Prior to the beginning of the game two numbers will be selected and that two pair will become the team for the night.  We will draw your opponent for the night, and you will play three games. 

How do we play? One pair will play against another pair, on one end while their partner on the other end will do the same thing. 

How do we roll the balls with two people?  One person rolls two balls, and the other person rolls two balls, utilizing International Rules of play. At the end of the night, you will turn in a slip indicating how many games you have won, and we will keep track of the wins and losses as the season goes along.  You are not committed for the five weeks.  You have the dates show up and pull your number and put it in the bucket and your team is set.

The league is ten weeks, five weeks in the spring and five weeks in the fall.  At the end we will have a league winner.  Its fun trust me, you develop skills by playing with players of experience as well as newbies.

Questions?  Contact Sal Carvello at [email protected]

Remember it is for fun of the game and the enjoyment.