Dance & Drill Club

Community Association


The purpose of the Dance/Drill Club is to enhance dance/drill skills, to provide performances at public functions, to create friendship among its members and to support any social activities that arise.


Membership is open to all Sun City Texas residents/Association members in good standing without discrimination as to race, religion, color, gender, ethnic culture or national heritage.


An annual business meeting of the Club is held each year in December for the purpose of electing and approving officers, amending the Bylaws, receiving an annual report from the Treasurer and conducting any other business.  Any further business meetings of the membership are held as necessary.


The Dance/Drill Club consists of four Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that are independent of each other.  Each group performs a different style dance, drill, exercise and/or stretching and relaxation techniques.  Members of the Dance/Drill Club are often members of more than one SIG.

The four SIGs are Georgettes, Tap Dance, Jazz Dance and Happy Feet Cloggers.


Yearly Club dues are set by the Executive Board of the Dance/Drill Club.  At this time, dues are $18 a year and are paid directly to the Club.  Once dues are paid, a member may join any or all of the four SIGs.


The Executive Board of the Club consists of all Dance/Drill Officers, as well as two representatives from each SIG. 


Officers of the Club are selected from the representatives of the four SIGs.  Board officers consist of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The position of President is selected on a rotating basis from the representatives of each SIG.  The rotation order is determined by date of the SIG establishment.


Each SIG is responsible for organizing its own performance schedule.  The SIGs have performed at Sun City events, UT Basketball Games, Georgetown and Eastview High School Dance Shows, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living facilities, Alzheimer's' groups, Georgetown parades, Georgetown First Friday events and Market Days, Austin medical facilities, various Church groups and many more locations.  It is not unusual for several SIGs plan a big event in which all involved groups participate to entertain at a Nursing Home or Assisted Living facility.


Although each SIG is a separate entity under the membership of the Dance/Drill Club, a Holiday Party has become a tradition where all four SIGs join together for social interaction, fun and fellowship.  Each SIG may also plan its own events; this information is found on the individual SIG website.



Individual Calendars Are Maintained By Each
Special Interest Group Within Dance/Drill


To Visit a SIG Site, click on the SIG name in the left navigation panel.

Transitional Guidelines

We have developed Transitional Guidelines for resuming indoor activities. Each member should read and abide by these guidelines.

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Please check with the individual SIGs for their performances.