Jazz Dance

Community Association

Jazz Dance is a SIG of the Sun City Texas Dance Drill Club. Jazz Dance provides dance exercise classes designed for seniors. Come experience the joy of movement through music and dance. It is the perfect prescription for staying fit. Dancing is beneficial to mental and physical well-being, a fun way to get a great aerobic workout.


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Mission Statement

The purpose of Jazz Dance is to offer the opportunity of fitness and fun as you learn basic dance steps common to all forms of dance. Students will learn how to incorporate the basic steps into choreographed routines. Jazz Dance participants must be a member of the Sun City Texas Dance/Drill Club. Participants that wish to perform may do so when opportunities arise.

Come Join Us

  • Stretch, Strengthen, and Tone muscles
  • Enhance Posture and Balance
  • Increase Vim, Vigor, and Vitality
  • Learn Basic dance steps
  • Enjoy free-style dances