Sharing Our Senior Resources

Member Facilities

Sharing Our Senior Resources (SOSR) is an information and education program provided by the NRO. Its mission is to connect Sun City Texas residents with easily accessible resources that can help maintain and improve their quality of life.

How We Help

  • Provides a SOSR handbook of non-profit senior resources for each SOSR neighborhood partner (representative) in each neighborhood.
  • Trains NEIGHBORHOOD PARTNERS to use the Handbook to provide neighbors with information that will help them make informed decisions to maintain or improve their quality of life in Sun City Texas.
  • Conducts forum for the coordination of educational lectures, health and wellness education, and sponsorship of town halls for Sun City residents.
  • Sponsors a networking forum where NEIGHBORHOOD PARTNERS can meet to share their experiences.
  • Interfaces with community service providers and subject matter experts on a regular basis to acquire the most accurate up-to-date information.