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Nature in Sun City Texas and the Texas Hill Country provides endless opportunities for study, conservation and shared enjoyment. We are also on the flyway for migrating birds and butterflies. Wildlife is diverse and fascinating to observe, star gazers love the minimal night-time lighting in the community and rock hounds have many opportunities to follow-up on their passion.

The Nature Club is focused on wildlife, native plants, geology, and astronomy. There is a monthly program and there are many other programs by the special interest groups, bird walks, plant walks, field trips, informational resources and access to experts when questions arise.

Click here for Wildlife Books

You will also find a link on each SIG page to a list of books that can be checked out to read and return. All books are in locker A (upper left) in card room one in the activities center. Go in the door to the right as you face the Activities Center and immediately turn right into the card room. The locker is not locked.


The Club encourages the use of the internet to join or renew membership.

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