NRO – Connecting Neighbors and Neighborhoods

With over 100 volunteers active in the Neighborhood Representative Organization, the NRO plays a vital role in ensuring the neighborhoods in Sun City maintain open communications with the Community Association, Committees and Chartered Clubs.

The NRO consists of volunteer Neighborhood Representatives (NReps) and Alternate Representatives (Alt. Reps) from more than 80 neighborhoods who attend monthly meetings held the third Wednesday of each month. Each meeting’s agenda includes speakers from both Sun City Texas organizations and groups from the surrounding communities, opportunities for input from Neighborhood Representatives, and discussion on topics of interest. Synopsis notes of each of the NRO meetings are emailed to all Sun City Texas residents. Each of the 80 plus neighborhoods is part of one of five areas with each area having an Area Coordinator. The area coordinator works with the NReps and Alt. Reps who are part of their respective area.

The NRO also provides residents with the Bulletin which is issued bi-weekly and contains useful information on local Georgetown events and other community information. In order to further foster communications and social activities within each neighborhood, each of the neighborhoods has a network of Block Captains who support the NReps and Alt. Reps responsibilities.

Your NRep is an important point of contact for community and neighborhood information, and for connection to resources such as:

  • New Neighbor Welcome Program
  • New Neighbor Round Up
  • Water Ambassador Team
  • Neighborhood Emergency Coordinators

Guidelines for Sun City NRO Bulletin