Hiker Responsibilities

It is the personal responsibility of each hiker to know his/her own physical capabilities and limitations and to participate accordingly.  Personal training is crucial.  All members are expected to prepare for hike participation and to hike in a manner that assures not only their personal safety, but also the safety of the group.

No one under the age of 18 is permitted on Hiking Club hikes or at Hiking Club events.  All hikers and guest hikers are required to sign the Community Association's liability waiver prior to each hike.

Smoking on a Hiking Club hike is not permitted.  All hikes and social events are smoke-free, including e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

No pets are permitted on Hiking Club hikes for the safety of both the members and the pet.

Each individual should be properly equipped with sufficient personal gear to deal with the environment and have the knowledge to use their equipment correctly.  Note that the Hike Leader in charge of a given day's hike can refuse participation to any hiker who appears to be unprepared for the day's activity.

Hikers can determine their suitability for any given hike by carefully reading the Hike Description provided by the Hike Leader on the Monthly Calendar.  Based on the anticipated weather conditions, the Leader outlines requirements for clothing, footwear and supplies.  In addition, the type of terrain, the hike distance/rating and the anticipated hiking pace are specified.

Hiking Club Essential Safety Guidelines:

  • Wear recommended apparel and footwear
  • Always carry at least the required amount of water
  • Hike with a buddy who knows your location at all times
  • Always hike between the Leader and the Sweep
  • Advise the Leader or Sweep when leaving the trail for any reason
  • Advise the Leader if you are unable to continue hiking
  • Never return to the starting point alone
  • Carry emergency medical and contact information with you (click here for form)

To review the four levels of hikes offered by the Club, refer to the Hike Information/Difficulty Levels section of this website.