Depending upon season and terrain, the type and amount of equipment needed by an individual hiker varies greatly. Local day hikes can require little in the way of supplies, while longer treks in far-flung locations can necessitate a well-stocked pack. To assist members in determining their hiking needs, the Club has compiled an Equipment List which can serve as a guide in preparing for outdoor experiences ranging for a short walk to a full-day trek. The Supplies List provides suggestions for standard as well as emergency supplies.

Equipment List

Supplies List

Name Badges

All Club members must wear name badges when participating in hikes or attending social events. Click on the Name Badges title for a link to obtain information on ordering customized name badges. 

ID Tag Program

For the protection of its members, the Hiking Club issues bright orange ID tags designed to be attached to belt packs or day packs. Hikers are asked to provide emergency contact information as well as any pertinent medical history.  Click on the ID Tag Program title for a link to further information.