Colorado Group

Welcome to the Colorado Club information page. The Colorado Club, established in 2015, is a Special Interest Group of Sun City residents that get together on a regular basis to experience the fun and enjoyment of meeting fellow Coloradoans.

If you would like to join the Colorado Club and receive our emails about upcoming functions, please contact: Devon Nunemann.

Our club consists of over 100 members that at one time resided in the great state of Colorado. We welcome new members at any of our gatherings. There are no dues but we may ask for donations to pay for the rent for meeting rooms and other minor expenses. We're open to ideas on what to do as we meet old friends and new acquaintances in full Club meetings or in smaller, more intimate, groups. We'll accept just about anything for an excuse to get together for some fun and camaraderie. Ideas include:

  • Dinners
  • Bowling
  • Movie Night
  • Bronco/Rockies/Avalanche Parties
  • Game Night
  • Cards
  • Bocci Ball
  • Spring Fashion Show
  • Billiards
  • Golf
  • Hiking/Biking
  • Wine and Cheese Parties

If you have an idea for an event, or wish to volunteer in the planning and execution of an event, please contact:

  • Devon Nunemann

Upcoming Events

Watch for our article and scheduled events in Sun Rays.

As many of our club members enjoy the summers in Colorado, we tend to take a break during the Texas heat.

Interest Requests

Golf: If you're willing to fill a foursome or are looking to fill a foursome, contact Paul Nunemann.

Dinner Party: If you're interested in hosting or participating in a dinner party for 6, Contact Devon to discuss availability and what to bring.


Would you like to show your pride in both Colorado and Texas? You can obtain this T-shirt and others like it from various places on the Internet. Use the search terms "Colorado," "Texas," and "T-shirt".

On the Lighter Side

You know you're from Colorado...

  • ...if you never owned a compass because you always had the mountains.
  • ...if you're dressed in shorts, sandals, and a hooded parka, all at the same time.
  • ...if you always take a sweater with you even in a 45-day stretch of 100 degree Texas heat.