Iowa Group

We are proud of our heritage and were formed to get to know other Sun City Iowans/ ties to Iowa.

Membership- $5 / year, available to anyone with ties to Iowa

Events- 4 times/ year. Typically:

  • Maid-Rite Party (Jan)
  • Appetizer Mix/ Mingle (April)
  • Appetizer Mix/ Mingle (July)
  • Potluck Dinner (Oct)

Upcoming events (dates/ times) are posted in the Sun Rays Magazine.

Current Officers:

  • President: Lori Knoll
  • Vice President & Communication- Mark Truesdell
  • Treasurer: Lynn Ankerstar
  • Social Coordinators: Carolyn & Tom Jameson
  • Decorations: Steve & Carol Murphy and Lianne Ryan

Questions/ Membership- Please come to one of our Iowa Events (listed in the Sun Rays) or email [email protected]