Approved Covid-19 Procedures

Transitional Guidelines – Direction Document

Phase II

Club Karaoke

Club Karaoke Procedures:

A Club officer will be designated as a monitor for each karaoke session to ensure that the following Club procedures are being followed.

  • The monitor will ensure that the allowed capacity of the room is not exceeded.

  • Attendees will be signed in by the monitor or other designated person.

  • Only the people that signed up in advance will be able to attend.  Members only.  No visitors or guests. Both singers and listeners need to sign up in advance.

  • Attendees should not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to start of the session.

  • Any member who is not feeling well should stay home.

  • All attendees must use hand sanitizer when entering the room.

  • All attendees must wear face masks at all times except:
    1) the current singer is not required to wear a mask 

    2) the DJ is not required to wear a mask while seated (he/she must communicate with the singer)

    3) a mask is not required while an attendee is seated and eating or drinking.

  • 3 Tables are allowed in Phase II for equipment and materials use. Members may bring a "TV tray" from home. Seating will be arranged with a minimum of 6 feet between chairs. Couples or members that share a household may be seated adjacent to each other.

  • Attendees must bring their own water if desired.

  • Chairs will be disinfected in accordance with current CA rules.

  • The microphone(s) will be sanitized by each singer after he/she finishes singing.
  • At the end of the evening, all equipment will be sanitized before being stored away.