Photoshop Elements SIG

Community Association

Coordinator - Rich Lovaas Element SIG is a Special Interest Group of the Sun City Photography Club. It meets on the third Wednesday morning of each month from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

The purpose of Elements SIG is to learn how to use Adobe Elements to become better image-makers and improve our photographs. The computer in the Studio has Elements 10, 11, and 12 installed but members may use any earlier version.

Members of the Elements SIG are expected to join “Dropbox ,” a free, “cloud-based” website, where they will submit up to two photos each month. These photos will be edited by other members of the SIG and the changes discussed in our monthly meeting. These discussions generally focus on how Elements was used to make changes in the photos, but often include such topics as composition, impact, and general appeal.

For more information, please contact Rich at

New SIG Leader Needed for 2017

There is new leadership in a few of the SIGS. We want to THANK all the members who have led in the past (as well as those continuing to lead), and WELCOME the members taking on new leadership roles.

Still need a member to volunteer to lead the Photoshop Elements SIG in 2017. Rich Lovaas, the current SIG leader is willing to help anyone who can continue the leadership in 2017.  Please contact Rich Lovaas if you are interested.

Thanks in Advance...