Community Association

Infrastructure SIG Objectives:

  • Maintain the integrity of the irrigation system providing water to the member’s raised beds as well as the other community assets including the Iris beds, herb garden, orchard, vineyard, gourd bed, berry bed, etc.
  • Ensure the proper operation of the electrical system throughout the complex.
  • Ensure the structural integrity of the various structures (not including the greenhouse) on the complex.
  • Ensure the structural and operational integrity of the perimeter fence and gates surrounding the garden complex.
  • Advise the Sun City Community Association of changes to the existing infrastructure as well as any needed infrastructure expansion/improvements.

Infrastructure SIG Operations:

  • Irrigation system including the well, water storage and plumbing.
    • Monitor irrigation system for leaks.
    • Evaluate and repair leaks in PVC plumbing system from the well thru and including the backflow device at each spigot.
    • Advise individual bed owners about leaks (and recommended solutions) with the owner’s watering system.
    • Execute a procedure to shutdown, drain and secure the irrigation system during potential freezing weather including the above ground systems servicing the community assets (Iris beds, gourd bed orchard, vineyard, etc.).
    • Monitor the deep water well operation for potential problems.  Recommend/Coordinate the need for an outside repair service if required.


  • Electrical system
    • Maintain/Repair the electrical system throughout the complex.  Recommend/Coordinate the need for outside repair service if required.