Media Conversion Overview

General Description

The Media Conversion Project provides a forum for the exchange of information and experience on the hardware and software used for the conversion of various types of media to USB, DVD or CD formats. There are five subgroups: 35mm slides, 8mm movie film, VHS tapes, photo, and audio which includes several tape and record formats.

This project will develop procedures for members to use to convert media. It will also recommend conversion equipment for purchase by the Club and supervise or instruct conversion sessions. 

The Project

The Media Conversion Project will focus on providing the hardware, software and training needed for Club members to convert their old analog media to a digital format. Included are both audio (LPs, cassette tape, reel to reel tape) and visual (photo prints, slides, 8 mm movie film, video tape) media. The objective is for members to do the conversion work themselves, once trained, using equipment that has been provided by the Club.


Our Training Program

The training for media conversion equipment is provided by hands-on workshops for small groups of members (up to 3). The instructor will demonstrate the procedures and then allow participants to practice on the equipment. Handouts are provided as well.

To sign up for a workshop, go to the Computer Club website after logging into the CA website. All media conversion information is listed in the left pane under “Media Conversion”. Workshops are free for club members.