Women's Issues SIG

The Women's Issues SIG (Special Interest Group) meets as a small, informal group once a month to discuss and share issues of interest to women.   Women who are present, choose the topic for the coming month and share responsibilities for factual background research on the topic. 

TIME, DATE & PLACE:  The Women’s SIG usually meets on the 2nd Friday of each month from 10:00 to 11:30  in the Andice Room at Cowan Creek. 
Due to competition for meeting rooms, exact time and date may vary, so please Check the calendar for exact date, place and topic.

Information about the topic may be posted on the website under Women's Issues.

To promote the Mission we ask that you follow these Courtesy Guidelines:
PLEASE . . .
Mute electronic devices.
Listen carefully without interrupting  or side conversations.
Raise your hand to be recognized,
Stay relevant to the topic.
Refrain from political campaigning and soliciting.