Program Meeting

Program Meeting topics are chosen a month in advance and posted on the Calendar and on the Message board.

The Research Team posts a background paper on the website about a week before the meeting.

Program Meetings are a "facilitated" discussion with a 2 minute time limit for each speaker.  Guests will be invited to speak if time permits at the end of the meeting.

Date and Time: Meetings are usually the 3rd Friday of the month in the Georgetown/Florence rooms at Cowan Creek Amenities Center. Due to competition for meeting rooms, exact time and date may vary, so please check the calendar for exact time and place.

To promote the Mission we ask that you follow these Courtesy Guidelines:

PLEASE . . .

Mute electronic devices.

Listen carefully without interrupting  or side conversations.

Raise your hand to be recognized.

Use the microphone.

Stand and state your name 

Stay relevant to the topic within 2 minutes.

Refrain from political campaigning and soliciting.