Landscape Projects

Landscape Updates

  • Well it defiantly seems like spring is in the air and our landscaping is responding in kind. The zoysia in and around the Village center is now growing and we have perennials and annuals blooming and generating new growth. Our Bermuda is even starting to pop green sprigs especially along curb lines. This is earlier than expected and so our crews will be taking a week off from cutbacks to mow all of Sun City. This is also a good time to test our new approach to maintaining the property. J. Carmen has split our crews into three separate groups to more effectively service the site. We will have two mow crews and 1 detail crew. Detail crew will service most detail throughput the growing season and will service Level 2's, Nature trails, specialty weed spraying and hot issues that arise from email or walks with Carlton.
  • Dallas grass has started to green out again so we are spot treating while it is still coming out of dormancy to gain more effective control before that active growing season. I have already sprayed Cool Spring and will be inspecting amenities and entries for opportunities as well. Bluestem has stayed down thus far and we will perform the same actions once it starts to produce new growth.
  • Cutbacks are still in progress and we look to be complete the first week of March. We still have to work Orion to Reagan, Cool Spring and finish Pedernales. Irises that have been damaged from the freezes are being cutback as well.
  • Level 2 areas were serviced for seasonal activities and cutting.
  • We will be driving the property to assess the priorities for mulch. We will be mulching the Amenities and entries first.
  • Our first chem app is coming up starting on February 20. This week I will be sending out our game plan for how the first app will be applied. We will be spraying all the Level 2 rock beds this week with a glyphosate and pre-emergent mix to kill existing weeds and give us some control on new weeds. We used this last year and we had good results.