Landscaped Maintained Homes

Maintained homes neighborhoods are both, landscaped and irrigated, by a contractor carefully chosen by the Community Association. As of today, there are 744 maintained homes located in Sun City Texas. Our contractor's responsibilities include mowing, edging, pruning, and applying fertilizer to each yard. They are also obligated to perform monthly irrigation checks to ensure the integrity of each irrigation system and apply fire ant bait periodically.

Our customer service technicians work diligently answering phone calls regarding landscaping and irrigation issues, as well as, responding to the resident service requests that are received daily. They also attend various meetings each week, including maintained homes meetings, town halls, and numerous face to face discussions with contractors.

The Community Association customer service group also works diligently to keep residents informed through weekly eblasts and monthly Sun Rays articles. We look forward to responding to all Service Requests that are turned in to the CA front office or submitted through the web portal. Our primary goal is to provide timely, as well as, efficient service to each Sun City resident who owns a maintained home.