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  • Common Area and Irrigation Superintendent – [email protected] or 512-948-7792
  • Neighborhood Water Ambassador – check with your Neighborhood Rep
  • City of Georgetown Water Services – (watering schedule, rates, AquaAlerts)
  • Brazos River Authority –
  • City of Georgetown Utility Service Problems (not bill related) water, sewer, electric, streets (24-hrs) 512-930-3555

Permitted Irrigation Days:


Drought Water Restrictions in Effect. All customers must use this watering schedule! No watering Mondays. (As of Aug 2, 2018.)

If your address ends with the number:

  • 1, 5, 9 = Water Tue. and/or Fri.
  • 2, 4, 6, 8 = Water Wed. and/or Sat.
  • 0, 3, 7 = Water Thurs. and/or Sun.

Read the City press release >>

Regular watering days are as follows: (when drought restrictions are lifted)

  • Odd addresses: Tuesday and/or Saturday
  • Even addresses: Wednesday and/or Sunday
  • No sprinkler or irrigation system use is permitted on Mondays, Thursdays, or Fridays.
  • Watering with a sprinkler or irrigation system is not permitted from 12 noon to 7 p.m. each day.
  • Watering with a hand-held hose or bucket can be done any day and at any time. Other outdoor water uses such as vehicle washing or filling a swimming pool can be done any day at any time.

Water Matters

Submitted by Carlton M Mathis, Water Manager for Sun City Texas Community Association

Water conservation in Central Texas persists at the forefront of discussion for many of us, and a regular topic for the local news outlets. Even after relief from the current drought, water resources will remain a concern as people continue to migrate to our beautiful state. [email protected]

Know Your Water Bill

The best place to start when looking to conserve water is becoming familiar with your water bill. Know how much water you are using, and on what and when you are using it. For example, irrigation systems are typically shut off during the winter months, so bills from these months reflect regular household usage. This is the minimum amount of water that can be expected to be used during the remainder of the year on a monthly basis for personal needs. Depending on weather patterns, irrigation usually begins in spring, peaks in summer, and then tapers off in autumn. Subtracting the winter household usage from usage during the remaining months will provide a reasonably accurate total of the amount of water used for irrigation each month.

Know Your Irrigation Controller

Next would be to know your controller. The irrigation controller is typically located in the garage. It's the brain of the irrigation system, and it tells the system when and how long to run. Through a search engine on the Internet, i.e. Google or Bing, you can find many video tutorials, manuals, and forums relating to the operation of your controller. Should the task of teaching yourself the nuances of controller operation prove to be too daunting, contact your Neighborhood Representative. Your NRep will know who the Water Ambassador is for your neighborhood and can put you in contact with them. A Sun City Texas Water Ambassador will help you learn how to navigate the operations of your controller, much like an Internet search, but with a more personal flair.

If you have questions about irrigation controllers or want to request a watering system evaluation, please email [email protected]

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