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Sun City Georgettes

In 1999, Sun City put out the call for a group to march in the Georgetown Christmas Parade. With the assistance of the Georgetown High School Georgette leaders, a handful of Sun City ladies stepped out in Santa hats and carrying canes decorated as candy canes. This was the start of the Sun City Georgettes. The following year, after a discussion with the high school girls and their leaders, this group settled on a name and on September 20, 2000, the Sun City Georgettes were officially organized with 23 members in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

The group's goal was to be a team of precision dance and drill women, using drill team maneuvers and high kicks in unison. Their uniforms were red cowboy hats (still worn today), white shirts, black pants and red bandanas, along with red shiny pompoms.
Practices took place in the Social Center Ballroom, at the Legacy Hills Pavilion and even outdoors below a roof awning - wherever they could find a space. The first set of songs used for choreography were "The Eyes of Texas," "Fun, Fun, Fun" by the Beach Boys, and "If My Friends Could See Me Now."

In those early years, the Georgettes performed at Sun City Health Fairs, nursing homes and the Sun City Follies. They were chosen to perform at the grand opening of the new H-E-B on Williams Drive, and they also performed at Georgetown High School football games along with the Georgetown High School Georgettes.

After 10 years, the Georgettes began to make some major changes. In 2011, we went paperless! We eliminated the calling committee and encouraged the use of computers to communicate within the club. We started creating a yearly digital book of our activities, saying good-bye to the old scrapbooks! We also designed and purchased Georgette Jackets, bags and t-shirts. We created a "Hall of Fame" designation for our senior members. All of our dances were filmed and put online to help new members with dance instructions.

In the last decade we have created and produced five major shows as fundraisers for the group to help pay for costume upgrades such as magnificently beaded vests, sparkling belts and new star earrings. We still use our red cowboy hats and now incorporate many different colors of pompoms in our performances.

The Georgettes have always loved parades! We march annually in the Georgetown Christmas Stroll, as well as the Georgetown Poppyfest Parade, for which we won the Red Poppy Pride Award! We have also marched in Austin's Texas Independence Day Parade, the Belton Christmas Parade and the always-fun neighborhood Mardi Gras Parade in Sun City.

Demand for our performances has grown in the past few years. We now perform yearly for the University of Texas men's and women's basketball games, at Southwestern University football games, at Georgetown and East View High Schools, and for an array of sports and dance shows. We have held shows at the Texas Stars' hockey games, during the Christmas shopping season at Round Rock Outlet Mall, and we participate in the Salvation Army Kettle program each year. Additionally, we continue to perform in the Sun City Follies, Sun City Live, at Sun City neighborhood parties, and at nursing, retirement and assisted living homes.

Per our mission statement, "We bring joy to audiences through precision dance routines that reflect our talent and enthusiasm." Today, we have a professional dance instructor and about 40 members in our group, ranging in age from 55 to 84!