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SCARS - the Sun City Club for ALL Radio Enthusiasts

HAMS – FCC licensed amateur radio operators

SWLs – Shortwave Listeners Radio 'Techies'

New enthusiasts wanting to learn about HAM radio

Radio and MapFOX HUNTING in SC The only fox hunting you can do in SC is with your radio. One of SCARS' most fun and casual get together is our monthly FOX HUNT. Search through SC for a hidden radio transmitter, known as the 'fox' with your portable radios and various directional finding commercial or hand-built VHF antennas. Members & riders meet on the 3rd Sat. monthly in the Activity Center (1 Texas Drive) parking lot @ 8:45am. Beginning at 9:00am the fox transmits on & off in code bursts on 146.565 MHz until found. Hunters' communications are over the SCARS 440 repeater.


Radio roomRadio AntennaTHE SCARS HAM Shack is in the Activity Center and is available for use by all active FCC Licensed club Members. Inside you will find a fully equipped shack with state-of-the-art HF & VHF/UHF radios that are perfect for contesting or chasing DX. SCARS offers a group of roof mounted antennas that consist of a GAP TITAN HF vertical, HF HEX beam, NVIS dipoles and UHF/VHF verticals.

Dues and Club Repeaters

Annual membership dues are $15 per household – due January 1st of each year or upon joining

K5SCT repeaters are in SC and are open to all licensed hams. Freq: 441.625 MHz + /pl 103.5 & 145.270 MHz - /pl 103.5