Facility closures due to COVID-19 precautions

Submitted by the Board of Directors
Governor Greg Abbott on Friday, March 13, 2020 has declared that the Covid-19 is a statewide public health disaster.

Because our demographic is highly vulnerable to the Covid-19, the CA Board Members have made the unanimous decision to close all CA indoor and outdoor amenities from Saturday, March 14 – Sunday, April 19 and reopen on Monday, April 20. This timeline will be reviewed weekly and the community will be updated if the dates need to be extended. All buildings will be locked and no organized events, meetings, classes will be held in any CA facilities during this time. Only limited staff will be allowed into facilities. During the closure, all facilities will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
Residents and outside guests are not allowed to use or enter the following facilities from March 14 - April 19:

 3 Fitness Centers, 6 swimming pools, spas
 All 3 Golf Courses including shops
 Social Center including member services and the library
 Legacy Hills Pavilion
 Sun City Park Picnic Area
 Retreat – including the Pavilion
 Cowan Creek – including the Pavilion and the Amphitheater
 Activity Center
 Dedicated Club Space:
Woodworking shop, Arts and Craft Centers, 10 Pickleball Courts, 12 Tennis Courts, Billiards Center, 8 Bocce Courts, 10 Horseshoes and Washer courts, Softball Field, 2 Shuffleboard Courts, Dog parks

Community Standards: Like all other CA offices, the Community Standards Department's offices in the Billiards Center and Social Center are closed. Staff will be available to answer questions via telephone and email. Applications will only be accepted if they are mailed through the US Postal Service, FedEx or any other shipping service. For the time being, only the following applications will be processed: painting, concrete coating, roof shingle replacements, landscaping projects without hardscape elements, tree planting, tree removal, window replacements, window installation in entry doors, sidelight panels, pet doors, and fences. The Community Standards Department staff will work with the Modifications Committee to develop a temporary procedure for processing all other applications. All permits previously approved are extended an additional 60-days. All follow-up dates in open Notice of Violation letters are extended an additional 60-days. The date for submitting initial landscaping plans is extended an additional 60-days. Inspectors may be conducting follow-on inspections of previously approved permits. The inspectors will continue to follow their existing "Knock First" policy; however, they will also be following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's COVID-19 personal protection guidelines and recommendations.

Lifestyle and Activities: All CA sponsored events including: performances, movies, dances, garage sale ticket holders from March 14 - April 19 will receive refunds due to the cancellation. All room rentals for that time period will be refunded. Please be patient with us as we are processing a high volume of refunds.

Golf: All tournaments from March 14 - April 19 have been postponed or canceled. Residents and guests are not allowed to use the 3 golf courses. Golf maintenance will be taking care of the courses during this time and staff will be monitoring the courses.

Clubs: Due to the severity of this message please understand that if you ignore the direction from the Board and violate this directive, including continuing to utilize club space, from March 14 – April 19 then you are not covered under our liability insurance.