Dulcimers SIG

Community Association

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sun City Mountain Dulcimer SIG is to provide lessons, workshops and social engagement to Mountain Dulcimer-music enthusiasts as they join with other dulcimer players and musicians and learn to improve their musical skills. The Sun City Mountain Dulcimer SIG wants to foster a genuine love of dulcimer music and teach the simplicity of playing the instrument in both traditional and contemporary modes.

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  • Conduct outreach programs for the general public in order to teach the history of the instrument as well as provide entertainment and enrichment to local schools, independent living, nursing and assisted living residences and through community concerts and gigs.
  • Provide opportunities for the mountain dulcimer players to incorporate other musical instruments into activities and interface with the wider musical community.


Objectives: The Sun City Dulcimer SIG...

  1. Is predominately a Mountain Dulcimer group.

  2. Desires to maintain the traditional Mountain Dulcimer sound. Other instruments are welcome to accompany us in making music however because dulcimers are easily over powered by louder instruments, those players must remember to play very softly unless they are invited to do a solo.

  3. Is a teaching organization willing to help new players reach the highest level of proficiency possible. It is very important that each member feels joy in making music with the larger group.

  4. Wants to provide opportunities for more experienced players to feel some sense of accomplishment through playing more difficult music.



Annual dues of $10.00 are paid to the Sun City Singers Club of which we are a Special Interest Group (SIG).


Concerts & Gigs

To schedule a gig please contact: Debby Owings

Gigs are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

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