Competition SIG

Community Association

Coordinators: Jim Newkirk and Allen Utzig

The mission of the Competition SIG is to provide a venue where SIG members who are interested can participate in a monthly competition and receive advice for improving their photos and preparing them for PSA and other competitions. Winning images will be featured on the Club's website.

In addition to competition images, anyone attending may submit "Review Images". These images will be evaluated by the SIG leaders and members using the same judging criteria used for the competition images. The purpose of these reviews is to help SIG participants improve their photographic and post processing skills.

Click here for a video tutorial of what makes a good image and how images would be scored by the SIG.

Images for the current month are located here.

Winners of the February 2021 competition are:
1st: Jaan Goad, Faire Beauty,
2nd: Marsha Larrabee, Almost Got 'Em, and
3rd: Peggy Reeder, Morning at Big Sable Point.

The winning images are featured at the top of this page.