Travel Photography SIG

Community Association

Coordinator - Dr. Howie DiBlasi, - 

If you are passionate about photography, you love to travel, own a camera and wish to capture stunning pictures, this SIG is for you.


This is a place for people who would like to explore new places and destinations, and take great photos. Meet fellow travel enthusiasts and share your photos from around the world.  Discover first-hand recommendations on new destinations and ways to travel.  Learn how to take amazing photographs on your next trip.  Learn about Scene modes and the other dials and menus on your camera.

Find fun, laughs - and new ways to travel to different venues.  Whether you are completely new or experienced, we would love to have you. This is a chance for you to meet fellow like minded people and find travel friends.

Whether you like to travel on your own and meet new people or have a group of friends looking for an adventure trip with awesome travel photography opportunities, the Travel Photography SIG is the best way to go!!

Come travel the world with us and share your love for photography at the same time!  Learn how to take amazing pictures in exotic places. Whether you're an avid photography enthusiast or just enjoy taking pictures, the Travel Photography SIG is the perfect way to vacation, take great pictures and meet great people.

Each month we will explore different modes of travel and the best deals available.  Explore ocean cruises, river cruises, trips to Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, National Parks, East Coast, West Coast, Walt Disney World, Best Beaches or your favorite location.  Share your trip or plan the next one.

Should I have trip insurance and where should I go next?  We will cover anything related to travel and photography.

Organizational Meeting

February 6   9:00 am - 11:00 am

Game Rooms 1 & 2, Activity Center