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The following images have been selected for Round 2 of the PSA Nature Competition:

Berry Creek Buddies
Rick Siersma
Comet Neowise
Carlos Rio
Front and Rear Protection
Rita Johnston
Hippo Kiss
Glenn Rudd
Kildeer Protecting Her Nest
Allen Utzig
Odd Couple
Randy Freeman


To submit your images for Round 3 of the competition, click here. Rules for submitted images can be found below.


PSA's Nature Inter-Club competition is held three times each year in November, February and April. Our club can submit six images by six different photographers for each competition. SIG meetings where images are selected for submittal occur a month before submittal to PSA - in October, January and March.

For reference, the PSA Nature Inter-club competition site is located here.  Rules for submitted images are included below.

Our SIG's selection of photographs for submittal is based on a quantitative assessment of key elements of the photograph including Story Telling Value and Pictorial and Technical Value.  Our judging score sheets can be found and downloaded here.  In addition, a video presentation of our scoring methodology is available here.  The video must be reviewed by any member participating in the SIG as a judge.

Click here to see to see the images from the previous round of the Competition. Congratulations to those whose images were selected.

Meeting Information

When: January, March, and October (one month before PSA's Nature Inter-Club competition takes place). The SIG leader will email the actual dates to SIG members.
Meeting time: 10 AM via Zoom
Participation: Register to participate via the Photo Club Calendar

Photo Submission

Link: To submit your photos via Dropbox click here.
Number of Photos:
SIG members may submit up to two digital images for consideration for each competition. SIG participants will choose the images to be submitted to PSA for the competition.
Photo Size:
See PSA Rules below.
Filename of submitted photos:
Please use this title format for your image: YourName_Title.jpg
Photos are due:
by 6:00 PM on the first day of the month.

Rules for images submitted to the PSA Nature Interclub contest:

Use this title format for your image: YourName_Title.jpg


  • All branches of natural history except anthropology and archaeology
  • The maximum allowed dimensions are 1400 pixels wide (horizontal) or 1050 pixels high (vertical). 
  • All images must use an RGB color mode. They can be either Adobe (1998) or sRGB but sRGB is recommended. 
  • Titles will be read 
  • Six images by six artists

What's permitted:

  • Human elements are permitted only where they are integral parts of the nature story i.e. Barn Owl adapted to environment modified by humans
  • Scientific bands, tags or collars 
  • Cropping
  • Straightening
  • Sharpening, including focus stacking.
  • Flipping Horizontal
  • Removal of dust spots, scratches or digital noise 
  • Color images may be converted to monochrome (Greyscale only)
  • Zoo shots and Game Farm shots are eligible provided the artificial habitat is not apparent in the image.
  • Techniques that enhance the presentation without changing the nature story including HDR, focus stacking and dodging and burning

 What's not permitted:

  • Human elements except where they are integral parts of the nature story
  • Hybrid Plants, cultivated plants, feral animals, domestic animals or mounted specimens 
  • Manipulation that alters the truth of the image
  • No adding, replacing or removing elements except by cropping
  • Blurring Backgrounds
  • Stitched Images
  • Infrared images 
  • Images that have been awarded ribbons (AWARD or HM) in prior Nature Division Digital Interclub Competitions