Community Association

Nursery SIG

The Nursery SIG cares for "rescued" plants, tending them for re-sale year-round. They also handle the sale of our bagged cotton burr compost and mulch.

If you are changing your landscaping and have plants to donate, bring them by the Gardens on Thursday or Saturday mornings between 9-11 AM. All donations of landscape plants are greatly appreciated.


The Nursery was the first SIG in the Horticulture Club.

The nursery began when the Club was given the plants and bushes during the fitness center addition. Nancy Strayer helped set up shop near where the Barn is currently located. When that space became too small, Ziggy and Al Aufford helped move the Nursery to its present location on the West side of the Garden. The Nursery continued to grow as more and more plants were donated.

The Nursery SIG started the idea of having plant sales as fundraisers for the Club, with the first sale in 2006. For 3 years the nursery grew and was in charge of the Spring, Fall and Poinsettia sales under the guidance of Wally Brown. The Nursery is a State certified nursery.

A great addition to the Nursery was the gift of the over 2,500 Iris rhisomes by a local grower. Credit for the first stages of the Iris Project development goes to Ziggy and Al, followed by Linda Vendebrake and now headed by Kathy Miller, who has nurtured the Iris team to its present status.

One of the fond memories of the development of the Nursery was when the little greenhouse was brought to the garden on a 16' trailer all the way from Austin. Twenty people helped lift it off the trailer and put it in place near the Main Gate, long before the fence was built, the parking lot put in or any garden beds were built. The little greenhouse now resides in the Nursery area, having been moved in February 2013 after the big Greenhouse was built.

Compost tea brewed by nursery workers is sold on the first Saturday of each month (weather permitting); it makes a great fertilizer for all plants, veggies and lawns.