Community Association

Iris Project History

In early 2007, the SCHC received the extraordinary gift of over 2,500 dormant (unidentified) bearded Iris rhizomes from the Snyder family in Bartlett, Texas. Added to the approximately 200 Iris donated by non-members and the 100 the SCHC had in inventory (origin unknown), the total number in mid-2007 was approximately 2800 Iris rhizomes.

The original Iris SIG members, Al & Ziggy Aufforth and Mark Picker, located the Iris in 3 new beds 6' x 24' in the Iris Area behind the Nursery. as well as some locations around the garden as landscaping. Linda & Larry Vandebrake started the first efforts at inventorying what varieties we had; they had their hands full "LITERALLY!" As the Iris matured and were separated, more beds were added in the Iris Area and the Nursery - there are 10 beds to date.

Cataloguing the Iris has been a challenge for Linda, Larry, Kathy and the SIG. In the first year, only about 25% of the Iris bloomed for the first time and they seemed to represent 58 unique varieties . As of 2011, 25 varieties have been researched and verified. Efforts remain on-going to identify and catalogue the remaining inventory. .