Community Association

Greenhouse Objectives:

  • Provide a low cost source of landscape plants for seasonal color for Sun City Gardens.
  • Generation of revenue to support the greenhouse and Sun City Gardens operations.
  • Raise quality organic starter plants for club members, community, and Community Association.
  • A working environment for club members to mix and socialize.
  • Storage of nursery plants over winter months.
  • An educational environment for club members and community.

Greenhouse SIG/Operations:

  • Provide a structured environment for seed starting, plant growing, and plant propagation activities.
  • Participate in both semi-annual plant sales as well as Thursday/Saturday sales.
  • Plan and grow plants to support club member, Club, and CA needs.
  • A working environment for Club members to mix and socialize.
  • Work with Nursery SIG to provide a plant-friendly environment for plant rehabilitation/survival.
  • Provide a hands-on environment for Club members to learn greenhouse techniques.