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See the link below to our 2021 hiking schedule for more details.  

Bad weather couldn't slow us down. What's that postal saying (the condensed verison) "Neither rain nor snow can slow us down". We now have a total of 197.8 miles. Also our membership has grown to 515; of which 137 are new members. Yeay and welcome!

Here's to warmer weather ahead and having more hikers on the trails.

Hike destinations include not only nearby scenic areas, such as the San Gabriel River Trail and Lake Georgetown's Goodwater Loop, several trails in Austin, but also more far-flung locations, such as Enchanted Rock State Natural Area and Colorado Bend State Park.  Participants can choose their preferred level of hike difficulty.  Our hike offerings range from 2+ mile-long "Ambles" conducted on flat trails at a leisurely pace, to moderate hikes of 4-10 miles, all the way up to challenging hikes of 12+ miles conducted over much more demanding terrain.  

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