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The First Time Special Interest Group is for Computer Club members seeking answers to their questions about how to use computers. Its volunteers assist members improve their understanding of computers and use them more effectively.  It consists of two parts: First Time Presentation and First Time Homeroom.

First Time Presentation is a series of monthly meetings.  Each meeting consists of a presentation about a computer related topic followed by a Question-and-Answer period.

First Time Homeroom is a series of twice-monthly sessions.  These sessions are intended to provide Computer Club members basic guidance about how to use their computers more effectively.  During each session, each member asks a volunteer Tutor her/his questions during a one-on-one discussion.

Navigating These Web Pages

Along the left edge of this page is a list of web pages.  Clicking on "ALL CLUBS" makes the list of Chartered Clubs appear.  Clicking on "COMPUTER CLUB" makes that Club's page appear.  Clicking on an item below "FIRST TIME" will make the page for that topic appear and it will contain the same web page list along its left edge.  Clicking on "FIRST TIME" will make this page reappear.

Receiving Notices

To receive notices about "First Time" events, presentation topics and schedule changes, you need to join the Computer Club and its First Time SIG.  A box along the right edge of this page describes a SIMPLE WAY to do this.  For other ways to join the Club and SIG, click on "JOIN FIRST TIME SIG" in the list of web pages.

The boxes below list Presentation Meetings and Homeroom Sessions scheduled during the next several weeks.
Presentation Meetings and Homeroom Sessions have been suspended until further notice.
The Computer Club Annex is in the Activities Center at 1 Texas Drive.

MLS 12/10/2020



If you are not a member of the Computer Club, pay its annual dues at the Community Association Member Services Office.

When you are a Computer Club Member, attend a Homeroom Session and ask your Tutor to make you a member of the
First Time SIG.


Three First Time SIG events typically occur each month in the Computer Club Annex in the Activities Center at 1 Texas Drive.


Second Monday
2:00 - 3:30 p.m.


Third Monday
2:00 - 3:30 p.m.


Fourth Monday
2:00 - 3:30 p.m.

To avoid a conflict with a holiday or other activity, an event may be rescheduled or canceled.