Where Do I Find?

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What will you find in our library? A little bit of everything!

Feel free to ask a volunteer for help! Our friendly volunteers will be wearing a library volunteer name badge.

How is the library arranged?

As you enter the library:audio headset on books

Nonfiction - left wall, arranged by categories/topics

Fiction - center shelves (including 3-in-1 books)

Special Collections - right wall

  • Large Print
  • Staff Picks
  • Local Authors
  • Harlequin
  • Pocketbook Westerns
  • Texas
  • Videos
  • Audio Books

Nonfiction Topics/Categories

  • AME: AMERICAN HISTORY - history and culture of U.S., Canada, and Mexico; separate from general world history
  • ANI: ANIMALS AND PETS – personal accounts and stories about influences animals have in our lives
  • ART: FINE & APPLIED ARTS – art, architecture, crafts, film, gardening, interior design
  • BIO: BIOGRAPHY – biographies except military and sports, which will be found in the appropriate categories; lengthy memoirs
  • CUR: CURRENT EVENTS & SOCIAL ISSUES – present-day political events, civil rights, women’s issues, international events, economic, environmental and technological issues
  • HEA: HEALTHY LIVING – personal health and fitness, nutrition, safety issues, disease, self-improvement, family issues, psychological issues
  • HIS: HISTORY – historic world and political events, Holocaust, ancient and archeological discoveries
  • HUM: HUMOR & SATIRE – humorous not-quite-memoirs, political satire
  • LAW: LAW & GOVERNMENT –constitution and the judicial system, espionage, law enforcement, true crime
  • MEM: MEMOIR – all memoirs except Military, Sports, and Travel categories; must involve the author in the story line
  • MIL: MILITARY & WAR – history of wars, weaponry, personal experiences and memoirs, biographies if primarily about military and war
  • REL: RELIGION & PHILOSOPHY – descriptions of religions and philosophies, all religious beliefs
  • SCI: SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY – all natural and abstract sciences; engineering, inventions, space exploration
  • SPO: SPORTS & GAMES – athletics, games and puzzles, biographies of athletes if primarily about sports
  • TEX: TEXAS – history and geography of Texas thru fiction and nonfiction
  • TRA: TRAVEL & GEOGRAPHY – personal accounts or memoirs, mountaineering, voyages, topography, culture and customs


  • OLD ENGLISH literature is prior to the 1800s (1799 and older), including poetry, drama, letters and essays. A Literature genre label is affixed at the top of the book spine, with "LIT" on the bottom spine label above the author's initials. Old-English Literature is shelved in the Special Collections area.
  • CLASSIC literature begins with the 19th century (1800 to current). A Classic genre label is affixed at the top of the book spine and is shelved in the Fiction free-standing shelves area or in Nonfiction, and labeled accordingly.