Junior Camp

Notice to Sun City residents

For a variety of reasons, including liability and profitability, the CA staff is no longer able to host Junior Camp. A few concerns related to this event are listed below.

Liability: Junior Camp is no longer a self-funded activity. In addition to the costs incurred by the camp, including increased liability insurance premiums, Sun City Texas Community Association’s risk exposure also increases during the camp. Some of the potential risks include the following:

  • Swimming/water injuries.
  • Death from drowning.
  • Transporting campers in golf carts.
  • Injuries from exposure to plants, insects and heat.
  • Accusations of or actual physical or sexual abuse.

Acquiring a state license: In addition to liability issues, Sun City Texas Community Association no longer meets the updated state requirements to obtain a state license to run the camp.

Impact on Sun City residents: Only a small percentage of Sun City households can participate in Junior Camp - approximately 80-160 households out of 8,000+ households.

  • The camp shuts down the ballroom for two weeks, making the ballroom unavailable to residents.
  • The Texas Drive pool is not available to residents during camp.
  • We are unable to provide a camp that allows all children to participate.

Proposed solution:

  • Discontinue Junior Camp then offer a variety of events for children which will require children to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Host more family/child-friendly movies and a few other kid-friendly events this summer.
  • Clubs can offer to hold classes for grandkids and sell tickets through their club.

The CA will offer the following ticketed events for grandkids during two weeks in June:

  • Four matinee movies (all with popcorn - up to 1,200 people may participate).
  • Host a free event at the putt-putt golf course with a snow cone vendor.
  • Two performances – One magician and one children’s performer (up to 1,000 may participate).

Watch your weekly CA Communicator and Sun Rays magazine for details about summer events for grandkids. For questions, please contact Jenny Phillips at jenny.phillips@sctexas.org.