Media Conversion Overview

General Description

The Media Conversion Project provides a forum for the exchange of information and experience on the hardware and software used for the conversion of various types of media to DVD or CD formats. There are four subgroups: slides, 8mm movie flim, VHS tapes and audio which includes several tape and record formats.

This project will develop procedures for members to use to convert media. It will also recommend conversion equipment for purchase by the Club and supervise or instruct conversion sessions.

For information contact Doug Steinke

The Project

The Media Conversion Project will focus on providing the hardware, software and training needed for Club members to convert their old analog media to a digital format. Included are both audio (LPs, cassette tape, reel to reel tape) and visual (photo prints, slides, 8 mm movie film, video tape) media. The objective is for members to do the conversion work themselves, once trained, using equipment that has been provided by the Club.

Our Training Program

The training for media conversion equipment is provided by hands-on workshops for small groups of members (up to 3). The instructor will demonstrate the procedures and then allow participants to practice on the equipment. Handouts are provided as well.

To sign up for most workshops, access the schedules for workshops on the class/workshop scheduling computer in the lab and sign up for a workshop that fits your schedule. All workshops are free for club members. For VHS copying to DVD, sign up on the list on the counter in the lab to reserve equipment and follow the instructions on the sheet on the des.  If having difficult with instruction, ask for assistance.  The instructor will call to schedule a one-on-one workshop at a mutually agreed time.

Procedures For Using The Equipment

Procedure for audio files -> click here
Procedure for high speed photo scanner -> click here

Detailed Information

Detailed information about the digital conversion process for the various media will be found on the following pages:

  • Audio Media Conversion Home Page
    Visit this page for information on how to convert your analog audio media (records & tapes) to digital format using equipment and guidelines provided by the Club.
  • Movie (8mm film) Media Conversion Home Page
    This page provides information on how to convert regular 8mm or Super 8 movie film to digital format where they may be saved on DVDs.
  • Video Tape to DVD Conversion Page
    This page will contain information on how to convert analog video tapes to digital format (DVDs) both with and without editing the material.
  • Scanning 35 mm Slides
    Click on the above link to see the procedure for scanning 35 mm slides on the Pacific Images P5000 slide scanners.

Web sites with Tutorial Information on Media Conversion

Here are some Web sites that provide good background information on media conversion. As with most things, a little time spent learning about the technologies involved will pay off in avoiding mistakes that may be difficult, expensive, or even impossible to correct if you start down the wrong path.

Since some of these sites also sell equipment and/or services, their listing here should not be considered as a recommendation to buy from these firms. They are just some sites that came up during Goggle searches that include useful in-depth information about the processes involved.

Scanning and Digital Imaging
Wayne Fulton presents a lot of information here on scanning and digital imaging all in easy to understand terms. Anyone who is serious about digital photography, scanning and photo editing needs to understand the concepts presented here. He also has a book available that contains the same information

8mm Film to Digital Video Conversion
A site with a lot of information on the process and equipment needed for do-it-your-self movie transferring and also how they will do it for you.

Digital Video Editing
A site that has a wealth of tutuorial "how to" information on digital video editing and production methods. Visit their Non Linear Editing Primer page. Also their DTV Handbook and their DVD Cookbook. Product reviews are here too and they sell both hardware and software.

Archiving Digital Video
A tutorial that makes the point that your digital recording and archiving method should be chosen with your end objective in mind. One method may be fine for making copies of your video material for viewing but if you plan to do editing, another method may be more desirable.

Audio Conversion
A tutorial on converting records and tapes to digital format using the hardware and software that you probably already have on your computer. Additional, inexpensive add on hardware and software is also available here.